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These General Terms and Conditions for providing tourist services are an integral part of the Contract – Voucher between the travel agency PERMANSIO TOURS, Permansio d.o.o. za usluge i turistička agencija, Selčinska 15, Sesvete 10360, Zagreb (hereinafter: Agency) and the travel contractor (hereinafter: Client). 

All information and conditions in the program and in these General Terms are binding for both the Agency and the Client unless otherwise is determined by the Contract.

Agency may provide the following services: 

 1.1. organization, sale and execution of package trips, 

1.2. facilitating the purchase of trips in the form of linked travel arrangements, 

1.3. organization, sale and execution of excursions, 

1.4. mediation in the sale of package trips, 

1.5. mediation in the sale of excursions, 

1.6. sale, mediation and booking of hospitality and catering services, 

1.7. sale, mediation and booking of transportation services, 

1.8. organization, sale and execution of tourist transfer services, 

1.9. sale, mediation and booking of services in the special forms of the tourism offer, 

1.10. sale, mediation and booking of the services of tourist guides, tourist guides-escorts and the services of operating sailors' vessels (skippers), 

1.11. representation of domestic and foreign travel agencies, 

1.12. organization, sale and execution of tourist services in congress tourism, 

1.13. reception and seeing off travelers and providing other assistance to guests during their stay, issuing invoices, charging, calculating and paying the sojourn tax and other taxes, keeping a record of guests, registering their stay and keeping other records proscribed by special regulations on the behalf and for the account of providers of hospitality and catering services in households and/or on agricultural farms, 

1.14. organization and performance of services in connection with the maintenance and cleaning of accommodation facilities of providers of hospitality and catering services whose service they mediate for, 

 1.15. mediation in the conclusion of contracts on the insurance of travelers and luggage, 

1.16. assistance with the obtainment of travel documents, visas and other documents necessary for crossing the border and staying abroad, documents for hunting, fishing, diving, sailing and other documents necessary for the organization and carrying out various forms of the tourism offer, 

1.17. sale, mediation and booking of services for all types of events, museums and similar, 

1.18. the sale of goods connected with the trip (various travel necessities, souvenirs, tourism publications and the like), 

1.19. organisation and provision of services in connection with card and travellers' checks operations, and the provision of exchange services in accordance with special regulations, 

1.20. sale, mediation and booking of vehicle (rent-a-car, rent-a-scooter and similar), air-craft and vessel rental services (rent-a-boat), 

1.21. agency-nautical services pertaining to the reception and seeing off of yachts and boats pursuant to special regulations. 


All types of special services (single room, special diet, using minibar, consuming additional hotel services etc.) the Client pays by himself. The prices of the arrangement are published in Euro and are calculated in Kuna equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the CNB (Croatian National Bank) on the day of payment. Agency may, no later than 20 days before the start of the journey, require an increase in the contracted price if it is after the conclusion of the contract resulted in currency changes courses or changes in carrier fees or hotelier, including increased fuel costs or increase in fees only in writing. 

The Client is obligated to accept the increase of the contract prices up to 10%. If there is an increase contracted price in the amount of more than 10% Client has the right to give up the arrangement, but that is the case in writing to the Agency within the deadline of 2 days after the notification has been received. In case of withdrawal from the arrangement, the Client is not entitled to compensation damage. In the case of increase of the aviation fees, the Client is obligated to bear the cost of the difference in price. Agency ensures the service according to information published and validated on the day of the reservation, and according to the description and travel period confirmed in the reservation. Agency guarantees the former except in the case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances that cannot be foreseen or prevented. 

Under force majeure and exceptional circumstances, Agency understands: death, sudden sickness or accident with severe physical injury of a Client or his/her close family member; war; strike; terrorist actions; natural disasters and virus pandemics; limitations issued by authorities and delays of all transport means. Agency are not obliged to offer services, which are not in accordance with this General Terms. 


In the case of poor sale of arrangements, the agency retains right to lower prices and apply special marketing actions for easier selling of the arrangements. Clients who have paid the arrangement by full prices do not have the right for a refund of the price difference of arrangements. 


The organization of private road transport separately or as part of a package deal will take place at the level of the agreed service, with professional drivers and tidy, undamaged and technically correct vehicles. The vehicle for travel purposes will be provided at the exact agreed time at the exact agreed place. The transport will be performed comfortably and safely, and in the event of a vehicle breakdown, the Agency will remove the same at its own expense and provide a replacement vehicle of the same quality for the purpose of performing the service to the final agreed destination. All transport will be organized in accordance with the Law on the Provision of Toursim Services and the Road Transportation Law. The Agency will perform the services of organization of activities, reservation of tickets for individual attractions and organization of expert guidance at protected sites according to a written or oral agreement with the Client. The services of organization or mediation in the provision of accommodation will be performed in accordance with a written or oral agreement with the Client. The accommodation unit must meet all the conditions for classification and categorization of catering and tourist facilities, household facilities and facilities on family farms. The offered accommodation capacities within the program are described according to the official categorization of the country's subjects valid at the time of the program issuance. Food, comfort and other services offered by hotels, apartments, villas are under the supervision of local tourism management, and accommodation standards are internationally different and not comparable. The Agency is not responsible for oral or written information that is not in accordance with the description of services and content in published programs, provided by a third party. 


The arrangement of the rooms / suites determines the reception in place of stay. If possible, organizer will try to fulfill the Client's request (comfort, room orientation, floor, etc.) but can't guaranteeing the fulfillment of such an application. Depending on the available accommodation capacities of the destination where the guest wants to stay, the Agency will propose an accommodation unit that best meets the required characteristics for the market price. When booking accommodation, cancellation policy, check-in time and check-out from selected accommodation unit, Terms and conditions of the final provider - hotel, apartment and villa are applicable. The Agency is obliged to inform the Client about all rules, regulations, customs, restrictions, additional surcharges in order to make his stay during the trip as pleasant as possible. Pets are allowed in individual cases with possible additional cost. 


The reservation of our services can be made by telephone, online and by e-mail. Client is obligated to provide all correct information required for the reservation procedure. 

A deposit of 100% of the agreed-upon amount must be paid immediately upon reservation.

Cancellation of the reservation up to 30 days before the scheduled service start date is free of charge and will be refunded in full.

Cancellation of the reservation between 7 and 30 days before the scheduled service start date will incur a 30% cancellation fee.

Cancellation of the reservation within 7 days of the planned service start date will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Any potential damage to the vehicle caused by the guest/client will be charged directly to the guest.

Payment can be made in Croatia or from abroad in the following ways: 

1. Online credit card payment - Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express 

* 3.5% fee is added to the total amount, as credit card provider’s fee and it is charged to the Client 

 2. Cash payment in Croatia 

3. Payment by bank transfer 

 * The fee for bank transaction is paid by the Client 

 If the Client does not use accurate and true information, he is responsible for any costs or consequences arising from incorrect information. In the event of a change in the name of the Client, he is obliged to inform the Agency about the change. 


According to these General Terms Agency reserves the right to make changes of reservations in case of exceptional circumstances which cannot be foreseen, avoided or eliminated. Depending on the reason for changes or cancellation of a reservation, Agency will inform the Client about incurred changes; and then in the shortest possible time try to find appropriate alternative service with the same standard and with the same price that Client has already paid. If there is no appropriate alternative available, Agency will provide a full refund of paid amount. In case of cancellation of the reservation from the Agency, the Client does not have the right to demand any indemnification of damage besides a full refund as stated above. 


Agency is obligated to provide arranged services, to take care about they are provided. Agency is obliged to take care on the choice of service provider, paying attention to the rights and interests of the Client in accordance with good habits in tourism. Agency will fulfil obligations stated above, except in case of force majeure and exceptional circumstances (ARTICLE 2). If possible, Agency will offer a substitution solution in such cases. Agency is not obliged to provide services beyond these Terms. Agency is not responsible to possible errors in the press. 


If the Client wishes to change or cancel the reservation, it must be done so in writing (via e-mail or mail). Agency will approve changes only possible. By change of reservation Agency understands: change of the number of Clients; change of the consumer of service; change of accommodation object, change of activities during the tour / excursion; change the date of service; change of means of transport; change of place of arrival where tour shall start; changing the place of departure where tour will end. If there is a possibility of change of reservation without additional expenses, the change will be performed without extra charge. If change of reservation requires additional expenses, those expenses will be extra charged to you with a prior notice. In case the Client does not accept extra charges caused by reservation change or if the change of reservation is not possible, and for that reason Client cancels the reservation, conditions for cancelled reservations will be applied as per the ARTICLE 6 of these Terms. In case of cancellation for exceptional circumstances (ARTICLE 2, this Terms and Conditions) the Client is obliged to present written document issued by the authorized institution. Agency will check the authenticity of the document and only if the document is authenticable, the Client will have the right to a full refund, reduced to all already paid services and reservations which were necessary for booking, and which were paid by the Agency to third parties. When reservation is paid by credit card, the refund will be given on the credit card as well. Agency is obligated to refund amount for cancelled reservation within 15 days of accepted written document issued by the authorized institution in case of exceptional circumstances. If the Client who cancels a reserved and paid service finds a new customer for that service, Agency will charge only real additional expenses. New Client accepts all obligations from these Terms and Conditions. 


The Client is required to pay the costs of the arrangement in accordance with these Terms. The Client is required to have valid travel documents, to comply with the customs and foreign currency regulations of the country in which the destination is located, and the countries through which transit takes place. In the case of inability to continue the journey, due to the violation of the regulations by the Client, all formed costs are borne by the offender himself. The Client is responsible for the damage caused by him, especially for the damage resulting from the violation of the contract and of these General Conditions. The Client is liable for the damage of the means of transport caused by its inadequate use. When using hotel or private accommodation, it is necessary to respect the house rules and customs. The Client is providing personal data voluntarily. Clients personal information is required in the process of the realization of required services. The same will be used for further interactive communication. Clients personal information will be kept in the database, in accordance with the Management's decision on the method of collection, processing and storage of personal data. According to the applicable law on the sojourn tax of the Republic of Croatia the Client is obliged to pay the sojourn tax at the same time with the payment of accommodation. Costs of eventual loss or theft of personal documents during travel is borne by the Client. Agency representative will help, at the same time making sure that the rest of the program is happening undisturbedly. If the Client is traveling with a pet, you are obligated to announce in advance number of pets eventually coming, type and size. Clients are obliged to have suitable transport equipment for their pets. 


Agency is not responsible for the damaged, lost or stolen luggage or any valuables kept in the accommodation. Lost or stolen luggage or valuables are to be reported to the service provider and the police. The Client has a right on reclamation for paid services that are not preformed. If Client is not satisfied with the service, he can submit a complaint in writing or via e-mail. 

 Procedure of reclamation: 

• Client is obligated to report the complaint to the tour guide or service provider upon arrival 

• If the reason for reclamation occurred during the time of the service provided, the Client is obligated to report the cause of complaint upon occurrence 

• The Client is obligated to cooperate with the service provider and our tour guide with intention to eliminate causes of the reclamation 

• If the Client accepts the proposed solutions which corresponds with the service rendered on the spot, Agency is not obligated to take additional complaints into consideration 

• If the problem is not resolved on the spot following an intervention, the Client is obligated to submit a written complaint to the Agency along with supporting documents as well as any photographs to support the complaint by e-mail: or via mail: PERMANSIO TOURS – Permansio d.o.o. za usluge i turistička agencija, Selčinka 15, Sesvete 10360, Zagreb, Hrvatska. 

 Agency and our suppliers reserve the right for reclamation if Agency believes that any damage is done both on the properties and on the means of transport. By confirming the reservation, the Client accepts to pay any kind damage on the spot. 


The Agency builds its reputation on providing high quality service to their clients. For possible complaints about the provided services, the protocol requires that they have to be reported on the spot as soon as possible. In that way we want to prevent disturbing client overall experience. Depending on the reduced value of the passenger experience that can be caused by a potential adverse event, the Agency will offer passengers/clients satisfaction in a form it deems appropriate.

All subsequent objections and extremely bad comments on the public internet space that were not reported to the responsible person, the Agency will not take into account and will consider them defamation and telling untruths with the aim of reputational damage and making personal gain at the expense of the Agency. Bringing untruths, in other words, defamation, is punishable in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Croatia. An individual that breaks this Law will be subject to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Croatia. The core values on which the Agency builds its reputation are: accuracy, politeness, decency, attentiveness, education, eloquence, knowledge of English and customer focus. Conscious and intentional damage to those values will result with the claim for financial compensation in the amount of average income for 3 consecutive years.


Clients personal information is required for processing requested service. Clients privacy is our priority. We are committed to protecting client’s personal information. Clients name and address information is used solely to process bookings. This information will never be sold, given, rented, or traded to others for purposes other than order fulfillment. Data is available only to authorized company representatives. All our employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principle of protection of privacy under the GPDR. Refer to our privacy policy for more information.


In accordance with the Law of Provision of Tourism Services, Agency is obliged to offer a "package" travel insurance consisting of: health insurance when abroad, insurance from the consequences of an accident, luggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance. 

Cancellation Insurance is charged when concluding a contract and it is not possible to be paid consequently. The insurance premium is calculated depending on the value of the trip, according to the Insurance Company Price List. Cancellation in case of unforeseen circumstances are defined in Article 2 of this contract.

By signing the Travel Contract, of which these conditions are an integral part, it is understood that the Client has been offered additional insurance from the travel insurance package.

The Agency recommends that the Client comes to his vacation fully insured and that all activities that the Client will perform are covered by such insurance.


For all arrangements where the Agency is the main organizer these General Terms apply except where PERMANSIO TOURS is the agent and not the main travel organizer. For such arrangements the responsible organizer will be specified in the contract – as well as and the general terms applying to this trip. The agency does not answer for the implementation of tourist arrangements of other organizers. 


These general conditions and instructions for tourist arrangements are integral part of a contract that the Client makes with an authorized travel agency for whose trip the Client has decided. With advance payment, the Client fully accepts the program and the terms of the trip and this agreement is valid even without signing by the side of the Client. In this form the terms will come into force on November 19, 2020 and they exclude all previous editions.