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1. Walking city tour with a licensed guide (aprox. 3h)

Walking around the Croatian metropolis will surely delight you. Architecture, fountains and always hospitable residents of the city. You have to see the Zagreb squares, the cathedral, the church of St. Mark, the Lower and Upper Town, and the Stone Gate. Try the legendary ride on the cable car, attend a cannon shooting from the towers of the Lotršćak tower, walk through the tunnel below the city, look at monuments and also do many other interesting things. Licensed guides will introduce you to the charming Zagreb story, starting with interesting city legends and up to urban living stories that circulate in Zagreb’s boulevard.

The price is 120 euros

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2. Half day city tour with car and with a licensed guider (aprox. 6 / 7h)

The difference between city walks and half-day tours is, of course, great. Although Zagreb is a relatively small town, if we travel by car, we will see a handful of other subtleties and end up in the city center for a walk. Of course, this tour includes all that a walking tour needs, however, after the driver searches you in front of your hotel, we head towards Samobor, the legendary Samobor creek. Then take a short tour around the town of Samobor and head for Medvedgrad, a castle located in the Medvednica Nature Park on the northern slopes of the city of Zagreb. A unique view of the city completes a guide with legends and events from history. The spectacular view of the city ends with the ride to the most beautifully decorated cemetery in Europe, Mirogoj, where we stay to see this unique building, and continue in the direction of the city to see the Zagreb Maksimir park. After lunch break, we continue walking down the lower and upper town, around the promenade from “Walking on the City Walking with a Licensed Guide”.

2. Price is 280 euros (up to 8 people). It is fixed, and lunch is not included.

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For larger groups, price on request: