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In order to improve your user experience while browsing the pages, and to make it work properly, this page saves a small amount of information called cookies on your computer. Using the site Permansio d.o.o. you agree to use them. If you choose to block cookies, you will still be able to browse the site, but some of its features will not be available to you.

Whate are cookies?

Cookies are small text files made up of a series of characters stored on your computer by the web site you visited.

Cookies allow pages to display information tailored to your needs. They usually save your session token and settings for web pages. After you visit the same website again, the Internet browser uses cookies that belong to it.

Cookies also allow us to track attendance and traffic on our web pages (using Google Analytics and similar tools). All the information that collects in this way accumulates and is anonymous and does not share with any other entities.

All this information can only be saved if you enable it - the websites can not access the information that you did not give them and can not access other files on your computer.

How to disable cookies

Cookie settings are configured in your web browser. For detailed instructions on how to turn them off in different browsers, see the link: How to disable cookies

More information

You can read more about the cookies at: HTTP Cookies, and more on the law governing their use at the European Union level on a link: EU Cookie Law. The above links are in English.