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Gorski kotar

50 Shades of Green

An excursion to Gorski Kotar. Looking for untouched nature and a breath of crystal-clear fresh air? This trip will reset your body and spirit with its beautiful greenery, spring water and special gastronomy. Marvel at the wonderful 4-million-year-old cave of Vrelo, full of unique creations of nature and time. This one-day excursion is a perfect balance of activity and recuperation.

Departure point:

From your hotel

Departure time:

~ 07:30


540 €

+10€ Entrance fee to Kamačnik and Vrelo cave / Price per person


to departure point


Tour with an official guide

Visit the source of the Kamačnik river – deep within a protected wildlife zone

Enjoy traditional dishes – a delicious goulash made from wild animals, fresh fish from the Bajer lake, a beautiful blueberry strudel

Visit Fužine – an urban centre with various cultural and natural sights

Explore the cave of Vrelo – a 4-million-year-old marvel of creation

Relax by lake Bajer


This one-day excursion to the Gorski Kotar starts at 07:30 am from the town of Plitvice lakes to Vrbovsko. We will be following the botanical trail towards the source of Kamačnik stream. Along the trail, there are some bridges and look out points with wonderful views – a perfect place to take a rest break and breathe in deeply! With these little calming moments of relaxation taken into account, we should arrive at the source of the Kamačnik river in about an hour. Returning back at the same pace, we will then continue towards the city of Fužine for delicious lunch. After enjoying the traditional meal, we will visit the impressive Vrelo cave. The next location is another natural landmark of the Fužine region - Lake Bajer. You can use the time here for hiking, fishing, surfing, canoeing, swimming or cycling. Our return is scheduled around 5 pm.


Good to know:

  • The botanical trail is 6.2 km long.
  • The terrain along the canyon has rocky edges and will be a mild climb.
  • Please wear comfortable footwear suitable for a slippery terrain.
  • We recommend that you wear long sleeved clothing.
  • Some examples of the traditional food served are: cheese strudel, wild animals goulash, freshly caught fish from the Bayer lake, blueberry strudel.
  • The beautiful Vrelo cave is 4 million years old.
  • The cave is accessible for children, the disabled and the elderly.
  • Beautiful, rich cave decorations are illuminated for the best viewing.
  • Lake Bajer is accumulation lake and is 2 -7 meters deep.
  • Recreation activities are available along the attractive 7 km promenade

Read more:

Once upon a time in the age of giants, fairies and witches, lived a little dwarf being called Malik in the area of ​​Gorski Kotar. Malik was always dressed in beautiful red clothes; the look completed with a red cap. He was a naughty little dwarf, who always loved to joke and dance around. A typical little mischief, he was always making fun of the people around him, but never caused them any harm. Despite the jokes, local legends said that whoever gave him food to eat would be prosperous. He became a well-loved local character! The legend about Malik has been preserved until today in the Gorski Kotar region. In the meantime, the name Malik has become globally known and associated with dwarves with the help of the writer Ivane Brlić Mažuranić and her novel – “Stribor's Forest”. Ivana Brlić Mažuranić is often seen as the Croatian Hans Christian Andersen and in “Stribor's Forest” the dwarf is called Malik Tintilinić. This character is described as a small homely spirit who visits through fireplaces and occasionally helps the local people. Given that Ivana Brlić Mažuranić comes from the Ogulin area, which borders Gorski Kotar, there is a high possibility that Gorski Kotar, with its legends and enchanting forest landscape, was an inspiration for “Stribors Forest”. So next time you are visiting this region, watch out for any visitors in your fireplace, Malik Tintilinić might appear and cause a little mischief. This region is full of ancient legends and stories, passed down through generation to generation. The only thing older than the legends themselves are the traces of Early Man and the bones of the bear found in the cave of Bukovac. So it seems that the first inhabitants of Gorski Kotar were Early Man and bears. After that, this area was inhibited by the Japodians, Celts, Romans and then in the seventh century, the Croats. Because of its inaccessible terrain, Gorski Kotar has always been a bit more isolated from the rest of Croatia. This changed with the construction of the 18th century Karolina road that runs through Gorski Kotar and connects the continental regions with the shore. “The Green Heart of Croatia” and “The Green Lungs of Croatia” are both names that are used to describe Gorski Kotar. These names give this region away as a stunning wooded area, rich in natural beauties. And indeed, the Gorski Kotar is full of forest covered mountains. The highest mountain here is called Bjelolasica. Nearby is the town of Begovo Razdolje; the only inhabited place over a thousand meters above sea level in Croatia. The Risnjak National Park includes a part of the Risnjak mountains and the Snježnik mountain as well as the upper stream of the Kupa River. But this area is also the natural habitat of lynx, bears and wolves – so keep a look out! The mountains of Bitoraj, Viševica and Klek are also within Gorski Kotar. Because of the karst terrain commonly found across Croatia, Gorski Kotar hides some really beautiful caves under the ground. The Lokvarka, Vrelo and Bukovac caves are open to the public, while the spacious Hajdova Hiža is only accessible to speleologists. The Gorski Kotar district is abundant with water. There lakes of Lokvarsko, Bajer, Lepenice and Potkoš are suitable for fishing and recreational activities. The rivers of Kupa and Čabranka originate in Gorski Kotar, and the Dobra river flows through this majestic landscape. The areas of Bijele stijene and Samarske stijene are both nature reserves. These reserves are strictly protected – and are the only strict nature reserves in the whole of the Primorsko-goranska county. Bijele stijene and Samarske stijene are often seen as the most attractive mountain destination in Croatia – full of unique details, grand vistas and natural biodiversity. Other protected natural sights include Zeleni Vir - a wonderful source of water at the bottom of cave and the Đavolji prolaz canyon. Close to the city of Delnice lies a forest park called Japlenški vrh. The beauty of forest landscapes can also be enjoyed in the park of Golubinjak. A lot of landmarks are located within this relatively small area, connecting the coast with the inland, continental areas of of Croatia. This unique region offers many opportunities for a very pleasant holiday. In addition to the draw of its natural beauty and relaxing greenery, the Gorski Kotar region is attracting more and more people interested in active holidays. The endless possibilities for walking, nordic walking, hiking and cycling through this area full of untouched nature is deeply appealing to both domestic and foreign visitors. Adrenaline tourism is also growing more and more popular. Gorski Kotar again offers a lot to the visitors. Gorski Kotar’s natural sights are complemented by developed rural, sports, health and gastronomic tourism industries. The Green Heart of Croatia has something special for everyone, and it is willing to share its wealth and riches with every visitor. Follow the legends and stories, breathe in the refreshing spirit of the forest and give yourself over to an exciting adventure... There are so many charms and delights to be discovered!