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The Coastal Residence of the Griffon Vulture

Looking for a crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches shimmering in the warm sun? Search no more - the island of Cres is the right place for you. Add in some nature and complete your trip with a visit to the residence of the Griffon Vulture. But always remember – there is „no stress in Cres“!

Departure point:

From your hotel

Departure time:

~ 07:30


650 €

+60€ lunch / Price per person


to departure point ~ 21h


The ferry journey from Valbiska to Merag

A visit to the village of Beli; one of the oldest places on the Island of Cres

A meal of traditional dishes made from lamb and fresh sea fish

A visit to the eco-centre - Caput Insulae. The island is a nature reserve for the Griffon Vulture – interestingly used as a symbol of Beli.

A visit to the eco-instructive trail on the island, opening up the „History and art in the nature“


This tour begins with an early morning departure – leaving from Plitvice Lakes at 07:00 am from in front of the accommodation unit. We will drive towards the ferry port and allow 10 minutes for boarding. The journey across to Merag will take 25 minutes. From here, we will continue on a winding road to the village of Beli – and might even come across a local 'hazard'.. sometimes a flock of sheep will wander onto the road! We like to think that they are just the locals welcoming you to this beautiful rural region! Upon arrival in Beli, a welcome drink of the homemade beverage „rakija“ will be served – let us make a toast! Another notable local produce of the island of Cres is their honey made with sage, which will also be offered for tasting. It should be emphasised that these are a product of local eco-production. Next location is the Caput Insula Museum, which we will arrive at around 11.30 am. There we will have the opportunity to learn more about the manificent, but strictly protected local bird - the Griffon Vulture. This bird is so important to this area that it has become the local symbol. We will spend about an hour at this museum. Afterwards, we will walk through the nearby 800-year-old olive grove towards the centre of Beli. Admire the unique architecture and the old olive mill - Bejski toš. By now, we will have worked up quite the appetite, so let's enjoy a meal we highly recommend – the local specialties of lamb and freshly caught fish. The rest of the day (minimum 2-3 hours) we have left free f or you to enjoy activities such as walking, hiking, swimming on the beach or exploring more of this delightful island. We will head back to the ferry for the 5pm departure.


Good to know:

  • This excursion is suitable for children and adults, particularly due to educational content.
  • The ferry schedule depends on the season and the ride takes 25 minutes.
  • The drive to the village of Beli will take 40 minutes through the beautiful countryside landscape.
  • The walk through the olive groves is 800 meters longs and it is an, an easy path with stunning views.
  • The Tramuntana I path is educational walking route, with artistic sculptures along the way. The path begins and ends in Beli.
  • In the Caput Insulae Museum, we will find out more about the natural and cultural diversity of the island. The museum is open every working day.
  • Inside museum is a shelter for Griffon Vultures – enjoy observating them up close!
  • Beli Beach is equipped with useful amenities such as: parking, sanitary facilities, a zip line, a shop and restaurants. It is suitable for families with children.
  • The first zip line that goes across the sea was built on this beach – calling all adrenaline junkies to come and try it out!
  • Please wearing clothing suitable for the activities you plan to do – don't forget your swimsuit!

Read more:

Cres is a beautiful island within the Lošinj-Cres archipelago. If you’re wondering how this archipelago was created but aren’t too fussed by the geographical answer… read on! The mythological reasons will enchant you. The legend of this area dates back to the time when the Argonauts sought for Zeus's Golden Fleece. The Argonauts were a crew of 55 young men led by Jazon. Young Jazon was looking for Zeus's Golden Fleece – without it he could not return the lost kingdom of his father. In this mythological adventure, the Greek gods Poseydon, Athens, and Zeus intervened and tried to prevent Jazon from his life mission. But this brave and wise young man was not distracted, although he did have time to fall in love with the sorceress Medea. What is a story unless it includes a little romance? With Jazon’s final task complete, the dragon killed and the Golden Fleece stolen, the lovestruck couple ran away together – angering Medea’s brother. Poor Jazon did not even have time to celebrate his victories and someone was already chasing him! By the time they reached Kvarner, it was clearly becoming very dangerous for the couple on the run. Medea lured her brother to the negotiations with Jazon and he killed him on first sight. Medea broke apart her murdered brother’s body and threw body parts into the sea, from which, according to the legend, is this archipelago with 36 islands, islets and ridges rose up from. Cres is the largest island in archipelago and the second largest island in Croatia. Despite its legendary past, the island of Cres is a peaceful place; the idyllic location for a holiday and a bit of relaxation. Relax here in safety; although we cannot guarantee that the Medea the sorceress has left, we do know that there are no poisonous snakes on this island! Of all the animals here, the most famous inhabitant of the Cres is the griffon vultures. These large birds of prey of the family Accipitridae are protected by law. To keep them from extinction, a visitor centre has been established on the island of Cres. Beli is the beginning and end of the first eco trail of Tramuntana I. There are 7 paths in total, passing through quiet roads that used to connect small villages. These routes are educational and serve to show off the beauty of the northern region called Tramuntana. This is the woodiest part of the island, sometimes referred to as "the green oasis" of Cres. Landscape of Tramuntane is attractive and varied - on the one side we have deciduous trees and hilly peaks over 500 meters, and on the other many caves and pits deep underground. In the Čampari cave, archaeologists have been found 4 skeletons of clay bears that are over 12,000 years old. The Griffon Vultures nest on the east coast of Tramuntana. This area is rich in natural and archaeological notabilities which have been preserved to this day and are waiting to be explored. Ces’ most famous natural landmark is arguably the Vransko Lake, as its origin is a feature of many fantastic stories. The cause for the emergence of lake here is still unclear in scientific circles. However, it has been believed that fairies have settled here – so perhaps a scientific explanation is not even necessary when everyone knows that fairies can change the landscapes in ways to please them! It is highly important feature of the local landscape, as the lake contains huge quantities of potable water which supplies the inhabitants of Cres and Lošinj. Because of this, and to preserve the natural balance that allows fresh water to exist in the middle of the island, access to the lake is forbidden. The lake is interesting from a geographical perspective too, as it is a good example of Cryptodepression - meaning the bottom of the lake is below the sea level, while the surface of the lake is above the sea level. The most famous towns on Cres are Lubenice, Beli, Cres, Martinšćica and Valun. Most of the places date from the Stone Age. Lubenice is located at the top of the cliff and is known worldwide for its beautiful beach called St. Ivan. Beli’s name origins from the king of Hungary, Bela IV., as it was here that he hid from the Mongols. The town of Cres is the largest town on the island, home to 2500 inhabitants. The labyrinth of streets are filled with beautiful buildings are painted with coats of arms. Martinšćica is a small, peaceful fishing village with beautiful beaches. Valun is known for the "Valun board", one of the oldest Glagolitic monuments preserved in the parish church. In addition to these tranquil towns, the island of Cres offers very good gastro and dining experiences. The most famous specialty of the island is lamb, although we must not forget the fresh fish which are caught in the local waters. Other products of Cres are: honey made with sage, brandy with herbs and top quality olive oil. The island of Cres offers visitors the possibility of a peaceful holiday, being content and at one with nature. The local tourist slogan of the island sums it up beautifully – "No stress in Cres"! The untouched landscapes and beautiful vistas are predominant in the deep forests of the north, while pastures and macchia shrubs dominate the south of the island. The variety of natural beauty is stunning and appreciated by humans and Griffon Vultures alike! Besides the beautiful nature, the island provides opportunities for walking, hiking and cycling. Cres' rich culture sights dating back to antiquity, enchanting you with its wealth of history. When you add to all of that the delicious flavour of the local lamb and some of the most beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water... the island of Cres becomes the perfect destination for every cultural explorer. pleasure seeker, and outdoor adventurer.