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Zip Lining

Zip Lining

Based only an hour away is one of Europe's longest zip line - running 1.7km and reaching speeds of 120 km/hour! Soar along the rope and spread your wings - here is your chance to feel what it's like to fly!

Departure point:

From your hotel

Departure time:

~ 09:00


240 €

( Private tour )

+39€ Entrance fee / Price per person


to departure point


Visit to Europe's 2nd longest zipline

Plitvice Lake hotel/apartment pick up and drop off

Good fun guaranteed!


We will agree on a departure time and collect you from your accommodation. We will drive through the beautiful Lika landscape and forest scenery for an approximate hour until Vrhovine. After a full safety briefing and formalities, we head up to the starting point - White Hill; a perfect place to look out over the Vrhovine valley. Get yourself ready, put on your brave face and have fun - we're going to go flying down this zipline! It is firm favourite form of fun for all age groups... Don’t worry, there is no need to be afraid! There is an opportunity to buy souvenirs afterwards, but if you would like to have this adventure recorded, just let us know.


Good to know:

  • To ride this zipline, you will be in a horizontal harness with your arms by your body
  • Please remember to wear trainers/closed shoes
  • If there is a crosswind, you will complete your ride with a rope
  • Your ride can be recorded!

Read more:

Zipline that connects the 80 meters high top of Vrhovine is an adrenaline adventure designed to give the greatest feeling of freedom because you reach the speed of 120 km/h in horizontal position. This special form of fun can be compared with flying in many ways. After all the safety conditions are satisfied, we head to the heights of Vrhovine to the starting point. And the rest is history… Nobody can be indifferent to this adventure! As a destination, Lika is a real place for outdoor activities and adventures. A lot of green areas, forests and proximity to three national parks will blow your mind with its authentic, but still relatively modest offer. The magical lakes of Plitvice will take you into a story about fairies and the Black Queen, the most famous Croatian mountain range Velebit is a home to National Parque the North Velebit which conserves many rare species of flora and fauna that live there thanks to the high level of protection. And the last but not the least is the National Park of Paklenica, the karst beauty which attracts more and more climbers because of its recognizable canyon and challenging tops! The heart of Lika is also filled with content. This little community is perfectly functional and hospitable. And a little community of the village Kuterevo is especially hospitable to one animal that we don’t want to confront face to face – the brown bear. Yes, it is true, there is a shelter for abandoned bears who are in danger. Of course, some of the bears go back to their natural habitat, but the rest stay in the shelter. Getting used to the contact with people and the way of life in the shelter are the reasons why it is impossible to take them back into the wildness. Because of these unusual pets a lot of volunteers from the whole world come to Kuterevo and stay there a couple of months or sometimes years. Krasno is the most famous sanctuary in region and it is dedicated to Mother of God of Krasno. More than 800 years ago the habitants of the village Krasno made a chapel on the hill. The legend says that the shepherds after the long day found an unusual flower on the way home. They took it to the chapel, but after some time the flower was gone and appeared again in the same place. The faithful people recognized the will of Mary and built the church on the place where the shepherds had found the flower. Although the area was very unfavourable for construction the church maintained till today. Like in any other sanctuary, in Krasno also a lot of blinds got the eyesight, a lot of sick people got well and a lot of mutes got the speech. Even today, in the honour of Mary, before the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 15 th of August, a lot of believers come with organized ride or by foot to pray or to thank for all the good that they received. To be part of this pilgrimage is pleasure but also a penance. While getting in touch with the new costums, landscapes and people it is logic to get to know the gastronomy of the region. The most famous specialty of Lika region is the lamb under the bake. Traditionally, this lamb is made on open fire under the iron bell. That type of preparation allows the lamb to be cooked and baked in the same time. Also, an inevitable aperitif is plum brandy called šljivovica whose preparation demands a special skill.