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Half Day Hike - Medveđa Mountain

Plitvice through the eyes of fairies

Setting off from within the National Park, we head up and up! The Medveđa mountain offers spectacular views and a good work out in the process. But don't be afraid, this hike is worth your energies and efforts - the Medveđa mountain will reward you.

Departure point:

From your hotel

Departure time:

~ 09:00


170 €

( Professional mountain guide )

+7€ transfer / Price per person


to departure point


Ascend to the top of Oštri Medvjeđak - 880m

A professional UIMLA mountain guide to accompany you on your climb

Hotel/apartment pick up and drop off

Good fun guaranteed!


Our departure time is flexible to fit in with you - your private vehicle is waiting to take you directly from your accommodation to your guide at the base of the forest trail. After a pleasant uphill 1.5 hour walk, we will arrive at the top of Oštri Medveđak. Drink in the view, and maybe some brandy too... it is a traditional Croatian custom after all! However, our ascent does not end here, we continue along the trail for 30 minutes more toward the top of Tupi Medveđak. Here you have more than enough time to catch your breath, take more photographs and most importantly, to enjoy the view of Plitvice Lakes. From this beautiful vantage point, you can see all 16 of the unforgettable Plitvice Lakes. After a well deserved rest, we descend down an easy trail for 30 minutes to return to our vehicle.


Good to know:

  • A professional UMLA mountain guide will accompany you on your adventure
  • It is essential that you wear hiking boots or firm trainers, and bring a backpack with at least 1.5 litres of water (snacks might also be a good idea!)
  • Clothes should be adjusted to the weather: sun, rain and wind protective
  • This activity is unfortunately not suitable for the disabled
  • Oštri Medvjeđak is the highest point of Medvjeđak Hill above Plitvice Lakes
  • Conditional demand of the terrain: K1 (easy)
  • Technical demand of the trail: T1 (easy)

Read more:

Medveđak, 8 kilometers long afforested hill which is a northwestern extension of Plješivica is still one of the most attractive places from which visitors and climbers can watch a part of Plitvice Lakes and the area between Mala Kapela and Lička Plješivica. In the ancient times when the locals treated the nature with deep respect, they gave this area a name of Vražji vrtal (Devil’s garden). This isolated and unknown area where legends of Black Queen, lake fairies, harsh winters, karst highlanders and forest beasts have been told had this name until the beginning of the 19 th century. In the end of the century the place was discovered by kings and for the visitors of Plitvice Lakes it was built the trail that led to the top Tupi Medveđak. In 1900 it was built a forest trail to the top of Oštri Medveđak called Blanka’s road (by the wife of archduke Leopold Salvatore from the dynasty Habsburg- Lothringen). The specialty of the road are the beech forests. That is one of the conditions of richness and variety of flora and fauna, especially the rare and endangered species. There also live big beasts like wolf, lynx and brown bear after which the massif was named. Along the road there are instructional panels so you can get information about the forest ecosystem and other natural landmarks. Complete experience of National park Plitvice Lakes is not possible without knowing the forest ecosystems that cover ¾ of its surface. Tops of Medveđak are Oštri Medveđak and Tupi Medveđak. The tallest top of the hill Medveđak called Oštri Medveđak (889 m above sea level) is settled above Plitvice Lakes. This top is pretty interesting for climber touristic visit. When you conquer the top, you can see Lička Plješivica, valley of Una on the side of Bosnia and Herzegovina, valley of Korana, Drežnik Grad, Selište Drežničko, Rakovica, Vaganac i Ličko Petrovo Selo – a lot of small places who get a new dimension from the bird perspective. From the top Tupi Medveđak (868 m above sea level) there is an impressive view on 6 Plitvice Lakes (Prošćansko jezero, Ciginovac, Okrugljak, Galovac, Gradinsko jezero and Kozjak), Lička Plješivica and Mala Kapela. On the top there is a wooden arbor for rest and enjoying in amazing view and richness of senses and sounds of the forest. Further on, we come to the slightly lower top called Turčić (801 m above the sea) which is the lowest top of Medveđak from which you can see the lake Kozjak, the purlieus of Veliki slap and village Poljanak and Plitvice. When the weather is fine you can also see Bjelolasica (1534 m above the sea level), the biggest mountain of the massive Velika Kapela. The tops of Medveđak are interesting in any time of the year, during the summer they give beautiful views and cover and during the winter they rest peacefully covered by the snow. Every season offers their boon and informative lections to the curious visitors of these very important ecosystems.