Things To Do At Plitvice Lakes
Never-ending story at the best place on Earth...

Half Day Hike - Forest Jungle Life

Explore through this beautiful virgin forest and listen to the stories softly told by the firs and spruces.

Come and explore the forest we call the "last European jungle"! Huge trees, beautiful foliage and dense woods, we will hike in one of the oldest areas of the forest and breathe in the freshness of this wooded wonderland. Slow your step and enjoy!

Departure point:

From your hotel

Departure time:

~ 09:00


180 €

( Professional mountain guide )

+7€ transfer / Price per person


to departure point


A visit to the last European "jungle"

A licensed UIMLA guide

A full day hike (expected duration is 7 hours)

Plitvice Lake hotel/apartment pick up and drop off

Good fun guaranteed!


We will depart from your accommodation and head to Plitvica Selo, a gorgeous little place nestled within the National Park Plitvice Lakes. Here we will meet your guide, who will take you on a beautiful mountain trail in the heart of the National Park. Marvel at the nature all around, particularly the crystal clear stream of Plitvica which supplies the biggest waterfall at the lakes. We continue through the glades, past the abandoned villa that was once a residency of the famous ruler – Josip Broz Tito. Over the top of Preka kosa we are continue on towards the jungle of Čorkova uvala. It will take us 4 hours of walking to reach the abandoned village of the same name, but don't worry, we will be stopping off beautiful locations for short rests. Once at the hut, we will have a longer break for lunch and relaxation. We then continue along the trail to Plitvica Selo where we will meet the driver to return you to your accommodation to rest those legs!


Good to know:

  • This "virgin forest" covers 79.5 hectres and ranges up from 860 to 1028 meters above the sea level
  • Total length of the trail is 22 kms
  • Category of conditional demand: demanding – K3
  • Category of technical demand: easy – T1
  • Recommended equipment: backpack with food and drink (min. 3L of water), hiking boots or firm trainers
  • Clothes should be adjust to the weather and protect from sun, rain and wind
  • Unfortunately this trip is not suitable for the disabled
  • Do not hunt, feed or disturb any animals; try to speak loudly enough so animals can hear you approaching and move out of your way
  • Do not leave any rubbish behind, please take it with you - let's all take care of this beautiful area for future generations

Read more:

Imagine if the visit to the jungle would be totally simple and designed as one-day trip with professional guidance of UIMLA guide. In the centre of National park Plitvice lakes on the surface of 80 ha is settled Čorkova uvala (Čorko’s Cove). This area filled with beech and fir is considered to be jungle because humans never mastered there. Hide on the height of 840 meters this jungle treasure remained conserved through time thanks to inaccessible terrain. Čorkova uvala is an example of the perfect life processes which maintained on its own without any technological and human influences. A lot of nature lovers come just to watch this natural community. Like any other structure, our jungle also has its life cycle with its structure. Going through the jungle we will meet with dry and broken trees that decay in different ways. On this educational trail we will see trees older than 500 years, mostly fir and spruce. In karst habitats it is registered that they can live more than 700 years. One of less durable trees is beech which life process is to 300 years. Enjoying the shade of dense forest is priceless in summer. Going through scattered trees on the way you will feel like you are going behind some giant who pulled out the trees and branches. On the way to the hut we will pass through Čorkova livada (Čorkos’s meadow), a beautiful field which is completely opposite of the jungle. Landscape full of floral details and beautiful smells will delight you. This amazing fairy tale will be completed by the gurgle of water from Čorko’s spring where you can drink. This priceless place is a protected part of National park and unavoidable station for the nature lovers.