Things To Do At Plitvice Lakes
Never-ending story at the best place on Earth...

Adventure with Four Wheels

Release the brakes and add gas! Discover mountains and valleys and enjoy the world whizzing past!

Something special for the adrenaline addicts! Explore with us the dense forests of Plitvice Valleys and karst terrains, all that on four wheels. Jump in a buggy or quad and turn your vacation into a real adrenaline adventure!

Departure point:

From your hotel

Departure time:

~ 09:00


62 €

- Quad for one person, 90€ for two persons

90 €

- Buggy for one person, 117€ for two persons


to departure point


Two hours of fun riding a buggy or quad on a 40km trail

A professional guide for your trip

Hotel/apartment pick up and drop off

Good fun guaranteed!


We'll collect you from your accommodation and head into the Plitvice Valleys to a town called Grabovac. Our team of experts will give you a short briefing and show you how to drive safely. The choice between a buggy or quad is all yours - a buggy is an excellent exploring vehicle, but if you're looking for a little more adventure, the quads' remarkable performance will make any obstacle a piece of cake. After a short test drive, let's rev up the engines and go! Guiding you along the trails, a professional guide will lead you through beautiful Plitvice Valleys. Expect to experience untouched nature, overcome the toughest trails and enjoy a view of Bosnia and Herzegovina.... as well as an adrenaline rush of course! At the end of your adventure, we'll drop you back off to your accommodation.


Good to know:

  • You will need to be older than 18 and have a valid driving licence to take part in this activity
  • Helmets will be provided and must be worn
  • You have two options, a buggy or a quad bike
  • The buggy is ideal for beginners: automatic, comfortable, safe
  • For braver drivers – enjoy driving a quad bike with power 400ccm and speed up to 90km/h
  • All vehicles have two seats (you can share if you'd like)
  • You need appropriate clothes and shoes (trainers and long trousers)
  • If it's muddy or rainy outside, remember you might get dirty during the drive! We recommend bringing spare clothes just in case

Read more:

Plitvice Valleys is a popular name of beautiful landscapes of municipality Rakovica since the prehistoric times when Barać’s caves were a habitat and a shelter of the former habitants, and in middle Ages when Frankopans had their significant settlement in the area of Drežnik, till the very important role in Ottoman penetration in the whole area. Although Rakovica is the smallest municipality in Karlovac County, it had many significant periods in the past. The remains of the fortress that was successfully blocking the Ottomans are now the recognizable symbol of Drežnik and are protected as a cultural monument. However, after the victory over the Ottomans, political and territorial battle was not over. The important event not just for Rakovica, but also for the whole Croatia is Rakovica rebellion led by Eugen Kvaternik who made significant changes concerning personal rights. The reason of constant fighting over this territory is probably its incredible beauty. The flow of the river Korana is determined by small waterfalls, exceptional cleanliness and recognizable color of Plitvice Lakes. If we go just a little under the tower of Drežnik we can see the old mill which is renovated to pass the spirit of the old generations to the younger ones. Many times destroyed and renewed, the tower of Drežnik was a residence of Drežnik County. Like any other real valley, this one also has its kings: deer and fallow deer. Not far from the city where reigned many nobles is the valley Jelena which is untypical family estate where the locals feed the venison. Depending on their visits to the feeding area, you can enjoy the priceless view. Besides the nature, this area has a rich and quality gastronomic offer.