The Tour Agency specialized in individual travel approaches.

We are here to beautify your vacation and make a memorable experience of your trip.

The story is very simple. It is up to you to tell us how many days you are planning to stay on vacation, and our expert team will communicate with you about a plan for your ideal vacation or holiday.

Do you love an active holiday or do you want to rest?

Do you want to see National Parks, museums or are you the type of person looking for fun?

Would you like to stay for a long time in one place or see a lot in the short term?

Do you love more winter or summer?

Do you like sandy or rocky beaches?

Whether you want to jump on a parachute, fly with a balloon, fly on a paraglider, try a ZIP-LINE, ride a canoe or rafting, hike, ride a bicycle, pick up a truffle or the like? They are only some of the options that we will propose to complete your travel program.

From a number of vehicles in our fleet, you will select a vehicle that will suit you depending on whether you travel alone, in pair or in the group.

Imagine your ideal journey, then relax to let you turn it into reality.

Because your journey can be a mere transportation, or an experience! You choose it! Permansio Tourism & transfer.!

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