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HISTORY TRAVEL, Neanderthal Museum (125,000 years ago), Trakošćan Castle (13th century), Old Tools Museum (19st Century)

THE MUSEUM OF Neanderthal man
The first station on our journey goes far into the begining of humanity. The Krapina Neanderthal Museum, located in the town of Krapina, attracts a lot of visitors. Not just because of the intriguing NEANDERTAL concept, but certainly because of the specific way of presenting the theme. The authors of the project and the realization of the museum tried to get closer to the inhabitants of the Krapina Stone Age who lived 125 years ago. The setting was made as we are in a time machine traveling through the history of the Universe, the Earth, the man to this day, with a special emphasis on Neanderthals.

We go from prehistory to the Middle Ages. The beautiful Trakošćan Castle, uniquely decorated with handmade furniture. The museum has valuable museum artefacts from the period of Renaissance to historicism, which consist of valuable collections of paintings, furniture, weapons and other objects that are constantly exposed in the original space units that represent a great life through the history of Trakošćan and Drašković’s family.

The last station through our trip is the 19th century. , and we go to the village of Kumrovec where the customs of the 19th century and the events of the 20th century are mixed. Today, the ethno village Kumrovec is the largest traditionally regulated area in Croatia, which gives visitors the authentic look of the Zagorje village from the beginning of the 20th century. With about forty reconstructed buildings of traditional architecture, we learn how our old people lived. Appointed posters talk about the customs and everyday life of peasants and their families on the one hand, and on the other show the various traditional crafts that the inhabitants of Zagorje provided for their families. There are traditional gardens and gardens, stands and kites – all this seemed to be a rich mosaic of life in the village. The original house of Josip Broz Tito, restored in the center of the village, contains an ethnographic and historical setting. In the old school, former classroom has been renovated including the teacher’s apartment.

Minimum of 4 persons, and maximum of 8 people are required for a car. The price includes transport, museum tickets and a guide through the Ethno Village (1:30 h). Vehicles have unlimited fast internet. Price 70 euros per person.

For larger groups, price on request: info@permansio.hr

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