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Cessna Citation Jet 525

Based Osijek and Zagreb

Combines comfort, efficiency, and safety to redefine the standard of excellence in business aviation.

The Cessna Citation Jet 525 stands as a pinnacle in the realm of business aviation, embodying a perfect fusion of performance, comfort, and reliability. Renowned for its efficiency and profitability within its class, this aircraft redefines the standards of luxury travel.


Cessna Citation Jet 525
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Cessna Citation Jet 525

Cessna Citation Jet 525
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Cessna Citation Jet 525

Cessna Citation Jet 525
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Cessna Citation Jet 525

A serene and comfortable environment for both business endeavors and family excursions

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Citation Jet 525 offers a serene and comfortable environment for both business endeavors and family excursions. Its spacious cabin provides ample room for passengers to work, relax, or engage in meaningful discussions, fostering an atmosphere conducive to productivity and connection.

Cessna Citation Jet 525, comfort, safety, business aviation, luxury travel, family excursions.

Data - Cessna Citation Jet 525

CREW2 persons

CAPACITY6 passengers

CARGO LOAD615lb (279kg)

EMPTY LEG6.765 lb (3.069 kg)

MAXIMUM FUEL CAPACITY3,835 lb(1,740kg)

ENGINES2xWilliams FJ44-1AP turbofan, 1.965 lb ()8.74kN)

AVERAGE SPEED389 kts (720 km/h)

RANGE1.300 nm (2.408 km)

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